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A 'fifties' child of the last millennium. Always curious about how things work, dismantling and re-assembling on a journey of discovery (without losing bits)!

'74 Joined one of the big TV rental companies as a trainee TV service engineer to learn electronics. Began building wiring looms for rally cars as a hobby.

'79 Joined Bell Fruit machine company as their first field service engineer when they introduced 'Space Invaders' gaming machines which took the country by storm (and nearly drove us all mad)! Developed connections working with Rally car builders, constructing wiring looms for whole car, safety cut-out systems and instrumentation and worked on the early european fuel injection systems like the 1979 opel kadett.

'81 Resumed working in the home TV industry, having learned all about VHS video servicing and repair.

'90 Having researched vehicle electronics, diagnostic tool manufacturers, engine management systems, ABS braking, vehicle wiring etc started own car electrical fault-finding business working mainly freelance for the smaller garages. Owned and/or worked on various Classic American cars from 49 Chevy trucks to Transams,Mustangs and 90's Cadillacs, plus European Classic cars such as Triumph, Austin, Standard, Hillman, Vauxhall, Ford, Bedford, Borgward Isabella, MG, Jensen……

Spent a lot of time working with various computers and multiple diagnostic tools attached to various cars investigating the complexities of multiplexed wiring systems but now I am concentrating on my passion for the Classic Cars and American cars again.